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From CMO to Door Knocker

by | Apr 1, 2023 | Solar Leads

Jim Alamia, the first CMO of Momentum Solar, is a demand generation and marketing wizard from New Jersey. Jim elevated residential solar marketing and brought a decade of digital marketing, branding, and demand generation to the residential solar business. He managed numerous marketing deliverables, such as rebranding the company and building solar lead generation programs for Momentum and many other solar companies in the Northeast.

From Marketing Maverick to Solar Entrepreneur

As the years passed, Jim wanted to learn the entire scope and depth of the residential solar business. His experience inspired him to create Invention Solar. A company that performs next-level lead generation with seasoned executives from the solar industry. He moved over to SunPower by Infinity Solar and re-invented his lead generation and telephony systems by simplifying the people, processes, and technologies. While becoming more effective with his strategy and tactics.

Exploring the Power of Solar Channel Sales

Jim manages an in-house team of experienced digital marketers, and Invention Solar produces solar lead lists. Allowing them to control the output of leads. The company has one of the market’s most effective 2nd position web solar leads. Consequently, solar companies have qualified meetings (sits) for less than $200 in the Northeast, which is well below industry benchmarks.

The Art of Canvassing: Effort, Perseverance, and Success

Jim and his partners also saw an explosive opportunity behind solar channel sales. He realized that solar canvassing, “door knocking, ” and digital marketing are essential to effective lead generation and hand-to-hand combat lead generation. Nevertheless, going out there shaking hands and kissing babies is nothing like it, especially after becoming a subject matter expert in the space and being able to answer questions on the fly and lead the homeowner prospects to the meeting. You can then present them with a powerful money- and energy-saving proposal. Despite the challenges of canvassing, Jim found great power, humility, and strength.

Canvassing and selling solar door to door requires much effort, perseverance, and patience. It involves walking door-to-door, building rapport, and showing homeowners the value in switching to solar and being on a path to having a home with no electric bill using federal and state incentives to pay for it. It is challenging, but it can succeed with the right approach and mentality. Statistics reveal that homeowners are more likely to switch to solar when canvassed than when using other marketing methods.

Sales and Marketing Synergy

Jim Alamia’s experience as a salesperson taught him that success requires doing everything that no one else wants to do. Therefore, his success in digital marketing and canvassing came from his willingness to go the extra mile, take risks, understand the solar coaster, and work hard to convince homeowners to switch to solar.

Jim’s experience as a marketer and a salesperson taught him that sales and marketing are interconnected. Sales depend on marketing, and marketing depends on sales. Both teams need to work together to achieve success. Statistics reveal that companies with aligned sales and marketing teams see a 36% increase in customer retention and a 38% higher sales win rate. As a result, when Jim worked with Gartner, he asked, “Why do marketing executives only stay 1-2 years at a company?” The big answer was that marketing was not connected with the sales team. Marketing and sales need to work together, and that is one of the essential points that Invention Solar continues to drive home.

Invention Solar: Maximizing Solar Profits

Invention Solar understands the importance of the interconnection between sales and marketing. The company comprises a team of seasoned professionals to help solar professionals grow profits. Therefore, Invention Solar’s approach is based on the triangle. Which involves getting suitable solar leads, proper call center management and systems, and the correct pitch and talk track. With this proven approach, Invention Solar helps solar companies and channel partners nationwide generate profitable leads.

Jim Alamia’s journey from CMO to doorknocker is a testament to the power of perseverance and hard work. He demonstrated that success in marketing depends on sales, and vice versa. He also showed that canvassing or door-knocking is a powerful marketing tool. That can be very successful with the right approach. Invention Solar is a company that understands the interconnection between sales and marketing and is committed to helping solar professionals grow profits.

We don’t just want to sell you solar leads; we want to show you how to use that data effectively to grow profits.

Take the next step and reach out to Invention to learn why solar marketing works.

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