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How to Generate Profits With Solar Lead Generation and Shared Solar Leads?

by | Dec 11, 2021 | Solar Leads

Are you looking to gain more sales with shared leads and solar lead generation? If so, keep reading and learn some tips and strategies for how to make it all possible!

Solar power is the next generation of energy. It is the most abundant energy source on Earth and does not pollute the atmosphere.

Solar technology can only spread as far as the marketing strategies behind it. A solar marketer can utilize marketing strategies for solar lead generation. Some solar marketers look for solar leads for sale.

If you want to improve your solar lead generation efforts, continue reading. We’ll provide some marketing strategies to help your solar business.

Formulating the Strategy

Analyze the competition before you generate profits with solar lead generation. Determine where your competitors invest their time and money. You can use a similar model with some differences.

The similarities let you thrive with a proven model. Differences allow you to capitalize on under-the-radar opportunities.

Identify which platforms and marketing tactics you will prioritize for solar lead generation. As you apply the marketing strategy, you will gain data and insights. Marketing strategies change, but setting a foundation helps on the path to success.

These marketing strategies will give you food for thought.

Tactic #1: Canvassing Door-to-Door

You can start local with your solar lead generation strategy. Knock on each door and ask people if they want to learn about solar power technology.

Some people will say no and slam the door. Others will listen to your pitch. Some people will want to learn more but not have enough time to talk with you.

You should bring flyers and business cards on these treks. The brochures and business cards provide additional details and a phone number. Give them to each interested person.

Door-to-door pitching is the most challenging form of marketing. If you master this technique, every other pitch becomes easier.

Tactic #2: Leverage Facebook and Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram ads provide superior targeting capabilities. Many businesses use these ads to reach new customers in an effort to find new prospects and sales leads.

You can target your ads to reach people similar to your customer base. If you do not have a customer base, you can buy solar leads for sale.

You can create a lookalike audience from this customer base. Solar Facebook ads and Instagram solar ads will show your ads to people similar to your ideal customer. You can also send retargeting ads to the purchased solar leads.

Tactic #3: Advertorial with RTB Strategies

Advertorials help you reach newspaper and magazine readers. You can pay extra money to get closer to the first page.

Some advertorial placements enable real-time bidding strategies. You can bid for impressions and visibility in real-time and view your results.

If an advertorial helps with solar lead generation, raise the bid to boost business. Consider a lower bid if an advertorial does not assist with solar lead generation.

Lowering your ad spend helps with ROI. However, if you do not spend enough on ads, readers will rarely see your ad.

Tactic #4: Craft an SEO Strategy 

Search engine optimization helps you rank for keywords in your industry. When prospects search for a keyword, your articles show up. An effective SEO strategy assists with ‘passive’ solar lead generation.

To maintain the strategy, business owners continue producing content around their keywords. You only need to rank for a few keywords to get solar leads.

Instead of ranking for broad keywords, focus on long-tail keywords. Consider what phrases customers will type when searching for your product.

An SEO strategy can get incredibly detailed. Some strategies go well beyond finding keywords and creating content around those keywords.

Start small with your SEO strategy and build it out over time. Create content and share it with your audience.

Incorporate social proof in your content to demonstrate your credibility to new readers. The social proof will improve your conversion rates for your solar products.

Online advertising acts as a strong complement. The ads provide immediate results as your articles gradually rank on search engines.

Tactic #5: Create YouTube Videos for Solar Lead Generation

YouTube is the world’s most popular video search engine. Over 122 million US users watch YouTube videos every day. Publishing videos on this platform will help you reach some of those people.

Provide value in your YouTube videos and address common questions about solar power. You can bust myths, share solar power benefits, and create other great content.

At the end of your videos, include a call to action. Encourage viewers to call you about solar technology and share your offers.

Give your visitors a calendar link so they can schedule an appointment. Provide a wide range of times, so leads can select a time that works for them.

What Happens After a New Appointment?

Assembling practical tools will create a smooth experience for your leads. After getting a new appointment, provide your location or Zoom link for easy access. Many calendar apps let you perform this step automatically.

Review each sales representative’s calendar to ensure someone can respond to an appointment. Having more representatives lets you offer more appointment times to leads.

During the meeting, a representative will pitch the intended solar product. Establish KPIs in advance to set objectives and define success. You can start with these KPIs: Conversions, revenue per lead, and appointment show-ups.

As your team meets with leads, you can refine the process and modify sales scripts. You will get a better idea of which selling points sway solar leads.

Get Solar Leads Today

Solar lead generation helps your business grow. You can showcase your product in front of new customers.

Ad campaigns and organic marketing strategies can help you gain additional leads. Solar business owners looking to expand can also buy solar leads for sale and shared solar leads. This investment will only yield a positive return if you buy quality solar leads.

Invention Solar has served many solar business owners. We provide the best leads to assist with your marketing efforts. Reach out today for solar lead generation to see how we can help.

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