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    Invention Solar offers lead programs and packages for every business. If you are an EPC installer, sales leader, or channel partner we have a profitable solar lead program for you.

    Aged Solar Data

    Our comprehensive aged solar leads database contains residential homeowner solar optin data. We maintain this highly accurate optin database with a team of data engineers, marketers, and an extensive lead generation eco-system. Solar is a timing sale and aged solar data is the perfect ROI solution for call centers both large and small. Priced per lead. Volume discounts are available.

    Real-Time Shared Solar Leads

    Get access to our real-time shared solar leads automatic system. Leads are generated via social media advertising with high intent and shared with 2 to 3 other companies. Shared leads are delivered to you quickly. This is a great solution for call centers seeking high quality inbound leads. Priced per lead.

    Exclusive Pre-Set Solar Appointments

    Our outbound appointment setting team will generate pre-set exclusive appointments for your sales team that meet all basic qualifiers with proof of appointment set. This is a great solution to get more appointments on the board. Priced per appointment set.

    Roofing Leads

    Buy roofing leads that are generated by our inhouse demand generation team. These high intent roofing leads can be exclusive or shared. Roofing leads can be sent directly to your CRM or you can buy one order at a time. This is a great solution for roofing companies, solar companies and sales professionals seeking quality inbound roofing leads. Priced per lead.

    Ethical & Compliant Lead Generation

    Invention follows lead generation best practices like Do Not Call and other data compliancy requirements during lead origination. Ethical marketing and advertising methods are very important to our overall strategy.

    sell more solar


    Buy solar leads with invention

    Generating residential solar leads is an art and science. Lead flow fuels your business and fuels sustainability.

    ROI-driven solar data

    Having the correct systems in place will provide you with 100% visibility into the business.

    Increase sales with aged solar leads

    Residential solar lead generation is super competitive. You need a cost effective competitive advantage.

    Exclusive residential solar appointments

    Your company not only needs a well though-out marketing strategy but you also need the tactics and distribution to back it up.

    Solar Leads is an Art and a Science

    In the changing world of solar leads and marketing, businesses face the challenge of standing out from the competition and capturing the attention of potential customers. To achieve this task, solar marketers and sales teams must work together to employ a combination of strategic planning, digital marketing techniques, and personalized outreach to fuel prospects through the sales funnel. This article will discuss the art and science behind generating solar leads and how businesses can build a robust demand generation lead flow system that seamlessly integrates with their team and available resources.

    A well-thought-out sales funnel is at the heart of any successful solar marketing strategy. This funnel serves as a roadmap, guiding potential customers from the initial point of contact to becoming loyal advocates for your brand. To create an effective sales funnel, it is crucial to understand your target audience, their pain points, and the channels they frequent.

    Digital marketing plays a pivotal role in lead generation for solar companies. Businesses can reach a wider audience and maximize their visibility by leveraging various online platforms. A multi-channel media approach, consisting of demand generation strategies and tactics tailored to the solar industry, is essential. This approach can include affiliate platforms, where partnerships with relevant websites and influencers can expose your brand to new audiences.

    Solar companies should also have an omnichannel marketing approach incorporating terrestrial marketing, home shows, outdoor concerts, and other solar-relevant events to bridge the gap between physical and digital marketing efforts. These physical-style events provide an opportunity to engage with potential customers face-to-face, showcase new solar products, and build brand trust and integrity. Connecting physical marketing efforts to digital channels, such as live streaming or event-specific landing pages, can amplify their impact and capture leads more effectively.

    Innovation is paramount to any successful marketing campaign and the overall solar industry growth research. To continually improve and optimize demand generation, solar companies must be willing to try new tactics and adapt to the changing landscape. This includes keeping a close eye on emerging trends, such as virtual reality or interactive content, to create unique and memorable experiences for potential and existing customers.

    A critical aspect of managing a successful demand generation system is having complete visibility into your pipeline. This requires robust marketing operations and lead flow management. By implementing the right tools and techniques, businesses can track the progress of leads, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their marketing efforts.

    Scaling a residential solar company necessitates careful planning and execution. Establishing logical workflows and processes is crucial to ensure consistent growth. This includes defining clear roles and responsibilities for the marketing and sales teams, setting achievable goals, and implementing regular performance tracking and analysis. Solar companies can refine their strategies and achieve sustainable business growth by combining the art of creativity with the science of solar data analysis.

    Navigating the path to effective lead generation in the solar industry is challenging. One significant obstacle is the increasingly competitive landscape, with more companies entering the market and vying for the same pool of potential customers. Differentiating your brand and delivering a compelling message is paramount.

    Solar companies face the challenge of educating potential customers about the benefits of solar energy. Despite the growing popularity of renewable energy, misconceptions and misinformation still abound. Effective marketing and sales strategies should address these concerns and highlight solar power’s long-term cost savings and environmental benefits.

    Generating solar leads requires a delicate balance of art and science. Solar companies can create a robust demand generation system by leveraging digital marketing techniques, nurturing leads through personalized outreach, and integrating physical and digital marketing efforts. Marketing operations and lead flow management are essential for scaling and optimizing the process. With the right strategies in place, solar marketers and sales teams can fuel prospects through the sales funnel, converting them into loyal customers and advocates for renewable energy. If you get stuck and need specific talent to help you set up your lead flow and backend systems, you can always get Fiver Solar resources to help you.

    Solar companies strive to excel in lead generation, so partnering with an award-winning solar marketing agency can provide a competitive advantage. One such agency is Invention Solar, renowned for its innovative strategies and successful track record. By collaborating with experts like Invention Solar, businesses can tap into their industry knowledge, experience, and cutting-edge techniques to propel their lead generation efforts forward.

    Invention Solar understands that generating solar leads is not a one-size-fits-all. Solar companies have unique goals, target audiences, unique differentiators, and value propositions. That’s why they take a customized approach, tailoring their strategies to align with their client’s specific needs and objectives.

    Is it worth it to buy solar leads? One of the critical strengths of Invention Solar is its expertise in digital marketing and nurturing email and phone outreach sequences. They recognize that today’s consumers are bombarded with information and have very short attention spans. Invention Solar crafts compelling digital campaigns that cut through the noise to capture their interest and keep them engaged. Their nurture email and phone outreach strategies ensure personalized and timely communication, nurturing prospects through the sales funnel and increasing engagement and conversion rates.

    Invention Solar emphasizes the importance of an omnichannel media approach. By diversifying the channels through which solar companies reach their target audiences, they can cast a more comprehensive marketing net and maximize their chances of awareness and engagement. Invention Solar helps clients tap into affiliate platforms, identifying and nurturing relationships to amplify their reach and expose their brand to new and relevant audiences and marketing tactics.

    To pioneer lead generation and drive continuous improvement and innovation, Invention Solar encourages solar companies to embrace experimentation and try new tactics in measurable and manageable pieces. They understand that what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow, and staying ahead of the curve is essential in a rapidly evolving industry. By keeping abreast of emerging trends and marketing technologies, Invention Solar helps its clients stay one step ahead, allowing them to leverage new opportunities and stand out.

    When scaling a residential solar company, Invention Solar emphasizes the importance of marketing operations and lead flow management. They provide their clients with the tech tools and systems necessary to track and analyze lead progress, enabling data-driven decision-making and optimization of marketing efforts. With 100% visibility into the pipeline, the business and various departments in the organization can confidently identify areas for improvement, streamline processes, and drive yield.

    To wrap things up, solar lead generation is an art and a science. It requires a thoughtful blend of creativity, strategic planning, and data-driven marketing analysis. Solar marketers and sales teams must work hand in hand to build a well-thought-out sales funnel, leveraging digital marketing techniques, and personalized outreach, with an omnichannel media approach. By partnering with an experienced solar marketing agency like Invention Solar, businesses can harness and unlock the full potential of their lead generation efforts, achieving scalability and, ultimately, driving sustainable growth and yield in the residential solar space.

    100% Visibility into Your Business

    In the fast-paced digital marketing and demand generation world, executives and managers face a constant challenge—maintaining visibility into their operations. To stay ahead, decision-makers must have real-time insights into their business activities and Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

    This thought-leadership article will explore the progress of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and highlight the importance of real-time (KPIs) in driving proactive next-level decision-making. We’ll investigate the gaps in business processes, breakdowns in operations, and the critical details that demand attention. Furthermore, we will discuss solar companies’ various CRM systems and the need for additional applications to ensure smooth operations. CRM growth and statistics are very impressive to all audiences in the solar business space. As we go down this journey, we will unravel the implications of ineffective systems and the costly mistakes that can be avoided with the right technology tools.

    The advent of CRM systems has revolutionized the way businesses manage and analyze customer engagement and big data. Gone are the days of manual spreadsheets and disjointed information. Modern CRM systems empower businesses with real-time insights, enabling executives, managers, marketers, and sales staff to monitor and react promptly to essential activities. The ability to see real-time KPIs is paramount in today’s competitive landscape. It allows decision-makers to identify and address issues swiftly, mitigating potential risks and maximizing opportunities. With real-time visibility, businesses can shift from reactive to proactive approaches.

    What is a solar EPC company? EPC stands for Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC). These companies strive to achieve net margins of 14% or less. However, mistakes made by staff members and logistical breakdowns can eat away at these margins, leading to decreased profits. The complexity of managing a business with multiple moving parts necessitates a robust computer and workflow system that can manage and monitor various aspects simultaneously.

    Real-time visibility into the business and identifying gaps and disconnects in business processes is essential in real-time reporting. Gaps can affect efficiency and customer satisfaction and ultimately prevent growth. Real-time data and dashboards allow businesses to uncover patterns, trends, and insights while uncovering areas that require improvement. By identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the business process, executives and technical teams can implement new systems and processes to enhance efficiency and productivity. Remember people, processes, and technology? This still applies.

    Solar companies rely on CRM systems to manage their operations like any other business. These systems serve as the backbone of their business, facilitating customer interactions, project management, and sales processes. CRM systems are not the end-all-be-all. Additional applications are needed to complement CRM functionalities to run a smooth business. The consequences of inadequate or inefficient systems can be detrimental to a business. You’ve heard of garbage in and garbage out?  Your system is only as good as the data in and out of it, so make sure you always test when you set up your CRM and other systems.  Test around the worst-case scenarios.  Better now than later, correct? Mistakes due to lack of visibility or ineffective processes can be costly and time-consuming. Weak systems not only impede productivity but also erode customer trust and satisfaction. A flawed system will beat a good person every time. Businesses that fail to invest in the right tools, systems, people, processes, and testing will have repetitive errors, dissatisfied customers, and diminishing profitability.

    This is where Invention comes into play. Invention understands the challenges faced by residential solar companies. It aims to provide them with suitable systems and managed solar services, enabling them to focus on what they do best: selling and installing solar solutions. With their seasoned staff, expertise, and experience, Invention helps companies identify and implement CRM systems aligning with their needs and requirements. By integrating additional applications and tech tools, businesses can streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and maximize profitability.

    Statistics show solar companies can significantly improve performance and profitability by investing in suitable systems. For instance, studies have indicated that companies utilizing CRM systems experience an average increase in sales of 29%. Additionally, implementing efficient project management tools can reduce completion times by up to 20%.

    Having 100% visibility into your business is essential for effective decision-making and successful operations. Real-time insights provided by CRM systems illuminate the path to proactive decision-making, enabling executives and managers to identify gaps in processes, address breakdowns in operations, and optimize mission-critical tasks. The progress of CRM systems has revolutionized how businesses operate, but their effectiveness can be further enhanced by integrating additional applications tailored to the unique needs of solar companies.

    Solar companies rely on CRM systems to manage customer interactions, track sales leads, streamline project management, and organize social media and Facebook solar leads in your sales systems. However, the complexities of the solar industry demand specialized tools to ensure smooth operations. For instance, solar companies require robust project management software to handle the intricate processes involved in site assessments, permitting, design, installation, and inspections. This enables seamless team collaboration, minimizes errors, and improves project timelines.

    Furthermore, solar companies often benefit from integrating resource planning applications. These tools facilitate efficient resource allocation, allowing businesses to optimize staff schedules, manage equipment and inventory, and ensure timely project completion. By balancing workload distribution and resource utilization, companies can maximize productivity, reduce costs, and meet customer expectations.

    Solar companies can leverage analytics platforms to gain deeper insights into their operations. Tools like Tableau and alternatives provide advanced data visualization, predictive analytics, and reporting capabilities, empowering decision-makers to make informed strategic choices. Solar companies can proactively address issues and seize growth opportunities by analyzing trends, identifying bottlenecks, and monitoring key metrics.

    Another critical aspect for solar companies is the management of customer relationships throughout the project lifecycle. This involves efficiently handling customer inquiries, tracking communication, and ensuring a smooth handover from the sales team to the installation crew. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are vital in nurturing these relationships, maintaining customer satisfaction, and fostering long-term loyalty. Solar companies can benefit from CRM features such as lead scoring, customer segmentation, and automated follow-up processes to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

    However, even with a comprehensive CRM system, solar companies should not overlook integrating other essential business applications. For instance, financial management software enables accurate tracking of project costs, invoicing, and financial reporting. This streamlines the billing process, improves cash flow management, and ensures profitability. Moreover, integrating communication tools such as video conferencing and collaboration platforms facilitates efficient communication and project coordination, particularly in distributed teams or when engaging with remote customers.

    The significance of having the right business solar systems in place cannot be overstated. Inefficient processes, miscommunications, and costly mistakes can harm a solar company’s reputation and bottom line. For instance, delays caused by poor project management can result in missed deadlines, dissatisfied customers, and potential penalties. Additionally, inaccurate financial tracking can lead to cost overruns and erode profit margins. Invention understands the critical role of technology in empowering solar companies to thrive in a competitive market.

    As an award-winning solar marketing agency, Invention helps businesses generate leads but also assists in implementing suitable systems and managed services. By partnering with Invention, solar companies can focus on their core competencies while leveraging the expertise and guidance of a trusted partner to optimize their operations.

    CRM systems’ progress has given businesses unprecedented visibility into their operations. Real-time KPIs and data analysis empower decision-makers to address gaps, enhance processes, and optimize mission-critical tasks. Integrating specialized applications with CRM systems is crucial for efficient project management, resource planning, analytics, and customer relationship management for solar companies. By investing in suitable systems and leveraging the expertise of partners like Invention, residential solar companies can unleash their true potential, streamline their operations, and achieve sustainable growth. Contact Invention Solar for a no-cost strategy session.  We’ll have a session and map out deliverables to help you grow and scale your residential solar business.

    What’s Your Competitive Advantage?

    Finding your competitive advantage in the vast and ever-expanding field of solar energy solutions is essential to the growth and success of your solar business. Specialization is essential. There are many options when building residential solar systems, so choosing the right parts, financing options, and audience is crucial. Concentrating on aspects of the system design, customer demographics, and solar marketing services and strategies is essential because you cannot be everything to everyone. This article will discuss the significance of specialization for solar companies and suggest developing a winning strategy in the solar market.

    A residential solar system can be designed in various ways in the complex world of solar solutions. Each decision significantly impacts the outcome, from selecting the appropriate panels, inverters, battery solutions, and wire management to determining the best financing options for homeowners. Focusing on specific system design aspects that set your company apart is essential to succeed in the solar industry. You can develop a deep understanding of the complexities involved by specializing in a specific niche, ensuring you provide your customers with high-quality, individualized solutions.

    Your intended audience and ideal customer profile are essential considerations. Home Solar companies that are doing well know how important it is to find and serve specific types of customers. Create individualized solar solutions that resonate with their circumstances by analyzing their preferences, requirements, and issues. You can tailor your marketing and communication strategies to build a strong connection and trust with your audience by understanding them. Personal contact with your target audience helps you stand out from generic rivals and builds long-term client relationships.

    Your solar company’s growth and expansion depend on effective marketing without a professional showcasing system. It is essential to devote time and resources to developing a powerful brand image and message to attract and keep customers. Consider conducting a comprehensive competitive analysis to learn about your rivals’ strengths and weaknesses. You will be able to strategically position your business and set yourself apart from the competition with this analysis, which will assist you in identifying market gaps.

    The significance of specialization and targeted marketing efforts in the solar industry can be better understood through statistics. The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) estimates that between 2020 and 2030, the residential solar market will install 324 GW of capacity, with residential solar accounting for a significant portion of that growth. This presents a considerable opportunity if solar companies can effectively tailor their offerings and reach the appropriate audience.

    Focusing on a specific region can also give you a competitive advantage, along with specialization and SEO marketing. Concentrate on a defined area where you can establish a strong presence rather than spreading yourself too thin across a broad area. By concentrating on a specific location, you can comprehensively understand local regulations, incentives, and customer preferences. Your credibility increases, and customer loyalty grows because of this specialized expertise, establishing you as the preferred solar provider in your chosen region.

    Planning and organization are crucial for success in the solar marketing industry. You will want to capitalize on your assets and increase your odds of coming out on top if you have a characterized methodology. Your choices will impact you in the long term, and you can learn from the mistakes and experiences of others in the industry to make the necessary adjustments to steer the ship correctly. To remain in front of the opposition, continually measure and assess your presentation, conform to advertise patterns, and invest additional energy in producing your TAM (Total Addressable Market) and SAM (Serviceable Addressable Market) while further developing your marketing plan and strategy.

    Specialization is the only way to gain an advantage over your competitors in the solar industry. You can set your business apart from competitors and position yourself for success by concentrating on system design aspects, target audience, marketing strategies, and geographical location. Make sure to thoroughly research the market, look at your rivals, and use statistics, focus reports, government data and private research data to help you make decisions. You can confidently navigate the solar market and establish your brand as a trusted and dependable solar solution provider with a well-crafted plan and clear vision.

    Offering specialized expertise in the design and installation of solar systems is one of the most important aspects of building your competitive advantage. It is essential to remain current with the most recent innovations as technology continues to advance. You can offer your customers cutting-edge solutions that maximize energy production and savings by focusing on specific components and remaining well-informed about the most effective options. Gaining certification as a dealer or installer, NABCEP certification for a well-known installation company is critical.  Certifications not only show that you are knowledgeable and skilled, but they also give your customers confidence and credibility. Customers are more likely to choose your services over those of competitors who are not certified because of the trust and confidence in your brand that comes from being recognized as a certified dealer or installer.

    Focusing on specific financial options for homeowners could revolutionize your business. Solar installations typically necessitate a significant initial investment, but appealing financing options can assist in overcoming this obstacle. Solar installations can be more accessible and attractive by forming partnerships with financial institutions or providing in-house financing options tailored to homeowners’ requirements. You can differentiate yourself from competitors who do not offer such opportunities and attract a larger customer base by simplifying the financing process and providing flexible payment plans, incentives, and iron-clad warranties on the system.

    It is essential to foster a convincing story inside your solar marketing promoting techniques and lay out a brand personality to really showcase your solar marketing and grow your business. Your brand should resonate with your target audience and reflect your values, expertise, unique differentiation, and value proposition. Reach and connect with likely clients through different showcasing channels, like advanced promoting, virtual entertainment, and content advertising. By crafting persuasive messaging that emphasizes your specialization, customer benefits, and the value you ultimately provide, you can set yourself apart from competitors and leave a lasting impression.

    The groundwork of acquiring an upper hand in the residential solar industry is specialization. You can situate your business as a market chief by focusing on unambiguous solar powered arrangements, for example, framework configuration, interest group, funding choices, and geographic area. Make the most of the valuable chance to become guaranteed by respectable producers to give your clients specific information and believability. To successfully reach and draw in your interest group, stay aware of industry patterns, direct serious examinations, and constantly further develop your promoting procedures. You can develop your solar-powered business and flourish in the always-showing signs of change and growing solar market by joining specialization, essential preparation, and productive promoting.


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    Global solar installation capacity grew more than 50%, pushing total capacity past 850GW.


    Only 22% of solar companies in the US are actually marketing on the internet. The opportunity is here and now.


    Solar (PV) technology is less than 15% efficient, making the progress and growth of solar energy a huge opportunity for our future.



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