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To help our clients, employees and vendors solve their most difficult challenges and generate profits by growing strong relationships. Consequently, formulating well though-out strategies, innovating new ideas and technologies through creativity, influencing the solar community, and building sound and effective marketing programs while supporting solar sustainability.


  • We believe in innovation, influence, marketing. In addition, distribution and return on investment for our clients.
  • We believe in protecting our clients and putting their interests first.
  • We believe in working “hands on” with our clients. Therefore, helping them solve problems.
  • We believe in building strong relationships with our employees, vendors and clients.
  • We believe in mentoring and the personal growth of our employees, vendors and clients.
  • We believe in a higher power. Therefore, the power of ideas and creativity through team work and collaboration.
  • We believe in making marketing programs work. However, we will be better by learning from the successes and failures.
  • We believe in being resourceful and educating others about solar technology. Therefore, leading a reasonable sustainable lifestyle.
  • We believe that our actions and decisions effect our future. As a result, we believe in a cleaner planet and leading by example; recycling, repurposing, and reusing.
  • We believe in educating and conveying information, not selling.

Buy Opt-In Solar Leads

Buy opt-in solar leads, aged solar leads and quality home owner data. Nevertheless, Perfect for generating quality outbound appointment in your in-house call center.

Exclusive Pre-Set Solar Appointments

Have Invention generate your sales team qualified pre-set exclusive appointments.  However, our pre-set appointments have a very high sit/demo rate.

Call Center Integration

In order for lead generation to work effectively, lead flow needs to integrate into telephony (call center) and CRM downstream systems.  Therefore, invention will show you how to connect the pieces and bring you light years ahead of your competition.

Advanced SEO

Optimizing your website for rich content distribution and authoritative backlinking strategies is an investment. After that, it will pay you many dividends in the future.  However, Invention knows the art and science of optimizing solar businesses for SEO.

Reputation Management

Building reviews over a period of time at the right point in your sales cycle is critical. In addition, learn about our automatic system that puts your company in a positive light. Consequently, giving you the ability to “absorb a blow” (bad review).

Web Design & Sales Funnels

Let Invention create your company a world-class website presentation and brand promise. Therefore, our custom websites leverage on effective lead nurturing sales funnels and effective and proven marketing automation systems.


“The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can
change the world, are the ones who do.”

– Steve Jobs

It’s Time To Stop Talking About Marketing And Start Doing Marketing.

Move Forward With Invention.
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