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Trump Derangement Syndrome and Rebuilding America with Common Sense

by | Jun 7, 2024 | Solar Leads

What is Trump Derangement Syndrome?

Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is a term that emerged during Donald Trump’s presidency. It describes an extreme emotional response to his persona. This phenomenon often leads to polarized reactions, with individuals reacting intensely—either in support or opposition—based on Trump’s statements, mannerisms, communication style, some policies, and more.

My mother doesn’t like Donald Trump. When I sit and watch TV with her, if Trump comes on the news, she says, “I hate that guy.” I asked her why she hated him, and she couldn’t tell me. My friend David hates Trump, too. He gets furious when his name is mentioned, but he’s the one who brings it up all the time. My landlord, Ed, told me that Trump is a bad person and should be in prison.

I think Trump’s communication style and mannerisms set certain people off. We had to make a rule at family gatherings that you can’t talk about politics. Our uncle doesn’t listen and continues to talk about politics, so we make him sit with the kids. I’m personally in the middle. I like the big idea of helping America and common-sense decisions. I know many people who like Trump; in fact, probably 100 million people do.

Did you know that since the beginning of our country, the split between Democrats and Republicans in presidential elections is almost even?

32.2% of Elections Won by Republicans and 35.6% by Democrats

Analyzing the historical data of presidential elections in the United States, we find that since the nation’s inception, Republicans have secured the presidency in 19 out of 59 elections. At the same time, Democrats have claimed victory in 21. This translates to approximately 32.2% of elections won by Republicans and 35.6% by Democrats. It’s worth noting that these figures may slightly vary depending on how certain presidents, who may not have been affiliated with either major party or belonged to other parties, are categorized. To verify these statistics, one may refer to reliable sources such as the official records of the United States government or scholarly analyses of presidential election history.

The Marketing Genius of Donald Trump

Donald Trump is, at his core, a marketer. His ability to command attention and drive public discourse is unparalleled. Whether using blunt rhetoric, controversial tweets, or polarizing speeches, Trump knows how to keep himself at the forefront of media coverage. His straightforward, often provocative communication style can set certain people off, eliciting strong reactions from his supporters and detractors.  I believe he has “The Howard Stern Effect,” where you want to see or hear what he will do next. Top marketers are typically loved and hated but never ignored.

The Truth About the Media

In today’s world, the media has a lot of influence. But sometimes, they care more about getting attention than telling the truth. Instead of bringing people together, they often focus on dramatic stories that make us feel upset or angry. This can make it seem like everyone is fighting all the time. As someone who cares about improving the world, I find it sad to see how the media can divide us instead of bringing us together. We must find ways to change this so that the media can be a force for good, not conflict.

Remember, brilliant media executives sit in a room all day, figuring out what topics to circulate to get you worked up and pissed off—daily. Media is entertainment.

Rebuilding America’s Electric Grid

One pressing issue that needs attention is the state of America’s electric grid. Vast sums spent on wars could be redirected to this critical infrastructure, ensuring long-term national security and economic stability. According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, modernizing the U.S. electric grid would take approximately $2 trillion over the next 20 years.

The Importance of Upgrading the Grid

America’s electric grid is outdated and increasingly vulnerable to outages and cyberattacks. Modernizing it is essential for several reasons:

  • Reliability: A modern grid would reduce the frequency and duration of power outages, which cost the economy billions annually.
  • Sustainability: Upgrading the grid can facilitate the integration of renewable energy sources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and promote environmental sustainability.
  • Security: A resilient grid is crucial for national security, protecting against physical and cyber threats.

Comparing the US Electric Grid to Other Countries

Countries like Germany and China have significantly invested in modernizing their electric grids, incorporating advanced technologies and renewable energy sources. The U.S. risks falling behind if it does not prioritize similar upgrades. In Germany, for example, the Energiewende policy has driven substantial advancements in grid technology, accommodating high levels of renewable energy.

The Risks of Inaction

Failing to upgrade the electric grid leaves the U.S. vulnerable to a range of risks:

  • Economic Loss: Outdated infrastructure can lead to costly power outages.
  • National Security Threats: An old grid is more susceptible to cyberattacks and physical sabotage.
  • Environmental Impact: Without modernization, integrating renewable energy sources will be challenging, hampering efforts to combat climate change.

Current Energy Landscape

Based on current consumption rates, the U.S. has approximately 38 years of oil reserves and a substantial 90 years of natural gas reserves. While seemingly reassuring, these figures underscore the pressing need for a two-pronged strategy: maximizing the efficiency of our fossil fuel utilization while aggressively transitioning to renewable and cleaner energy sources. – Common Sense

The Imperative of Renewables

Enter renewables: solar, wind, hydroelectric power, and, notably, nuclear energy. Nuclear power stands out for its cleanliness and efficiency, offering a potent solution to our energy needs while minimizing carbon emissions. With advancements in reactor technology and safety protocols, nuclear power presents a viable bridge toward a cleaner energy future.  Solar and solar leads are great, but it’s not efficient enough to run everything at this game stage.  We need a transition plan.

Crafting a Strategic Transition

A well-conceived plan is paramount. This strategy should encompass substantial investments in renewable technologies, incentives for businesses to adopt eco-friendly practices, and robust policy frameworks supportive of the transition. Developing energy storage solutions and smart grid technologies are crucial to addressing the intermittency challenges inherent in renewable sources.

The Urgency of Action

The costs of inaction are staggering. If decisive steps are taken, renewables could feasibly fulfill nearly half of America’s electricity demands by 2030. Thus, a clear, strategic roadmap ensures energy security, stimulates economic growth, and mitigates climate change.

Bipartisan Support for Renewable Energy

Both Democrats and Republicans show strong interest in supporting renewable energy initiatives and favor the Investment Tax Credit (ITC). This bipartisan support is crucial, as renewable energy can drive economic growth and address climate change. For instance, a 2023 survey found that 72% of Americans, including a majority from both parties, support renewable energy incentives. The ITC, which provides a 30% tax credit for solar energy systems, exemplifies this cooperation. This support highlights a shared recognition of renewable energy’s potential to create jobs, enhance energy independence, and protect the environment, illustrating that climate action can transcend partisan divides.


Rebuilding America’s electric grid is not just an infrastructure necessity but a strategic imperative. The U.S. can ensure a reliable, secure, and sustainable energy future by redirecting resources from overseas conflicts to domestic priorities. Modernizing the grid will position America as a global leader in energy innovation and environmental stewardship, benefiting current and future generations. At Inventionsolar.com, we believe in the power of sustainable solutions and the urgent need to invest in America’s infrastructure for a brighter, greener future.  We believe in helping hard-working Americans make a better life for their families.

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