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This Is How to Get Arizona Solar Leads Without Cold Calling

by | Dec 3, 2022 | Solar Leads

If you thought you had to cold call to get Arizona solar leads, think again! We’re explaining how in this can’t-miss guide.

Arizona is the sunniest state in America. It is the perfect place to invest in solar power. You can save your customers money and help make your country greener.

But how do you find Arizona solar leads? It can be a tough market and there is a lot of competition. Cold calling is a painful process for you and your audience.

There are a few ways to get solar leads without cold calling. We can help you get the results you need.

Read on for your solar lead tips.

Refine Your Search Engine Optimization Efforts

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps you rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). This makes finding solar leads in Arizona easier. But you need to satisfy their search intents.

If your leads want to know the cost of solar panels, you need to explain this to them. Your writing needs to be clear, concise, and grammatically correct. Use location-based keywords to focus your SEO efforts.

You can write guest posts to build backlinks to authority sites. Page engagement and bounce rates affect your ranking, too.

Find Arizona Solar Leads on Social Media

You can use social media listening tools, trends, and insights to learn what your leads want. What are they saying about your brand or the solar sector?

Position yourself as a solar mentor and connect. Make it a two-way conversation instead of a sales pitch.

Use paid social media advertising, like Facebook Ads, to gain more leads. But keep an eye on your budget!

Try Going Old-School With Word-of-Mouth Networking

Testimonials from satisfied customers can boost your lead conversions through the roof. Use customer relationship management (CRM) tools to stay connected.

Get in touch with happy customers and ask for short testimonials or reviews. You can post these on your site with their permission.

Set up a solar event to gain solar leads in Arizona. This could be a demo of your products or an explainer about the benefits of solar energy. You can even learn how to get solar leads from other experts in the industry.

Build an Email Marketing List

Offer freebies like eBooks or premium articles in exchange for email signup information. You will build a list of qualified leads in no time.

Craft compelling email marketing copy to engage your leads. You can even automate your email campaigns with tools like Mailchimp.

Focus on your ideal target audience with analytics. You can use remarketing to connect with those who have shown interest or bought from you in the past. Nurture your email leads over time and avoid pushing a fast sale.

The Sun Is Out for Solar Leads

We hope our guide helps you gain new Arizona solar leads. Marketing solar tech is a tricky business, but you are in the perfect spot for success.

Invention Solar are experts in solar lead generation. Our proven marketing model has boosted our clients’ profits across the United States.

Our database is packed with TCPA-compliant solar leads. They are all less than 90-days old and primed to bring new business to your doors.

Contact our team today!

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