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3 Reliable Methods to Close Solar Sales

by | Dec 29, 2021 | Solar Leads

Having problems convincing on-the-fence customers to close on solar sales? These 3 methods will help in boosting your solar sales!

Closing a solar sale makes the planet a safer place. Clean and green solutions protect the environment from fossil fuels.

However, some customers remain on the fence. They may not see the benefits of clean and green solutions. Many factors influence a customer’s decision.

Once you get solar leads, you must convert them into solar sales. Without that conversion, your business won’t make money.

Any solar business can turn solar leads into sales. If you want help with generating solar sales, keep reading. We’ll cover strategies to increase solar sales.

1. Know Your Market

Every solar business owner must invest in understanding their market. Knowing the market helps you identify potential customers.

As you meet with more prospects, create avatars to identify your market. Marketing avatars help you distinguish roadblocks and selling points across audience segments.

You will find different pain points across corporations compared to homeowners. Adjusting your solar sales approach to each avatar creates personalized messaging.

Solar leads will feel like you are speaking to them instead of everyone. This scenario will lead to a more profound sense of appreciation.

Calling solar leads each day helps you learn more about the market. If someone rejects your offer, ask them why.

Some people will cite money as a deciding factor. However, the list of reasons will grow as you talk with more people. Write those rejections on a list and come up with counters for each denial.

Knowing your market also requires offering the right products. If you install rooftops, reach out to homeowners and commercial building owners.

You can’t sell meat to a vegan. Use the same concept for generating solar sales.

2. Optimize Your Closing 

You can offer the right solar service to the right solar lead. However, a poor closing can ruin your hard work.

Optimizing each step of your closing will increase solar sales. Start with the first point of contact. This initial email or phone call generates a first impression.

Some solar marketers blow it in their first impression. Messing up the first act makes it difficult to close solar sales in the future.

Understanding your market helps you optimize your close. Some prospects want to help the planet. You can sell how solar products provide a valuable alternative to toxic fossil fuels.

Other prospects will want to save money. You can explain how a solar installation can eliminate a home’s electric bill.

The average electric bill costs a few hundred dollars per month. Ask frugal prospects how much the extra money would help.

You should incorporate multiple closing strategies in your sales toolkit. Each of these closing strategies speaks to a different set of prospects.

When we discussed cutting the electric bill, we explored the opportunity cost close. This close reminds prospects they will continue paying for utilities each month.

Solar installations cost initial money during the purchase. However, solar installations can yield a long-term profit. Share this insight in your opportunity cost close.

You can also use the take-away close. If a customer cites high prices, you can remove features to lower the service cost.

This closing strategy gives prospects a different choice. Some will buy the affordable product, while others will pay the total price for every feature.

The final closing strategy we’ll discuss is the sharp-angle close. You quickly agree to a customer’s offer under specific conditions for this close. If a customer asks for a discount, give them the discount if they buy on the spot.

3. Capitalize on Relationships

The final strategy to increase solar sales is capitalizing on partnerships. Build relationships with multiple sales reps to scale your business.

Business owners achieve success with the help of others. Build relationships with essential people in your business.

Educate sales reps on new closing techniques. You can also review data to see what’s currently working for your sales reps. Presenting this information to sales reps helps you capitalize on those partnerships.

You can connect with local partners to reach the community. You can find events in your area that attract your customer avatars. Attending and speaking at these events will put you in front of more prospects.

Speaking at the event allows you to bust many myths on the spot. You can also answer questions from the audience. Wrap up your presentation by inviting attendees to give you a call.

Some solar installers buy solar leads from other companies. Capitalizing on these partnerships provides a continuous source of prospects.

Don’t forget about your existing solar sales. Your customers invested in solar installation for multiple reasons. Some wanted to help the planet, while others wanted to save money.

Some customers will happily show off their solar installation to friends and neighbors. You can install solar energy across entire neighborhoods.

Reach out to your past customers and ask them about the solar installation. If they like the installation, ask if they know a friend who can use the same service.

Tap into your customer base and other relationships. When many people promote your solar services, you stand to benefit.

Get Solar Sales for Your Business

Generating solar sales helps you expand. You can invest the money into new solar leads.

The extra proceeds help you build your sales rep team and invest in training.

Boosting solar sales all starts with generating solar leads. If you are struggling to get solar leads, we can help.

We offer various services for solar businesses, including lead purchases. Reach out today to see how we can help increase solar sales for your business.

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