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Why Tennessee Solar Leads are Good for Solar Power.

by | Jun 27, 2023 | Solar Leads

Tennessee has emerged as a shining star for residential solar and TN solar leads. Let’s look at the state’s solar potential, the lucrative federal and state incentives for going solar, and the reasons why solar leads are a game-changer for homeowners and solar businesses in Tennessee. Grab a cup of sweet tea, settle in, and let’s go solar as we embark on a fascinating journey into Tennessee’s solar landscape.

At the beginning of the 2000s, Tennessee’s embrace of solar energy began to take shape. The state realized how crucial it was to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and diversify its energy portfolio. The enthusiastic response from homeowners eager to harness the sun’s power and contribute to cleaner, greener, and price-protected power accelerated the growth of residential solar installations.

The generous federal incentive known as the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) was one of the primary factors that contributed to the expansion of solar power in Tennessee. Homeowners and businesses can take advantage of TN solar state incentives. They can deduct a significant portion of the costs associated with installing solar from their federal taxes and their tax appetite thanks to this incentive, which is set at a remarkable 30% of your federal taxable income. The ITC has made solar power more reasonable and open to occupants of the state.

To promote the use of solar energy, Tennessee offers its own state incentives. Homeowners who install solar panels will not have to pay more in property taxes because solar energy systems are exempt from the state’s property tax. Solar system owners can also receive credit for any excess electricity they feed back into the grid under Tennessee’s net metering policy. Going solar is a viable option for both residential and commercial customers in Tennessee thanks to these state incentives and the federal ITC.

Let’s look at some compelling statistics that show Tennessee’s popularity as a destination for solar power. With over 906 megawatts (MW) of solar power installed, Tennessee Solar SEIA ranks 27th in the nation, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA).

The large number of established solar companies located within Tennessee’s borders exemplify the state’s commitment to solar power. Over a hundred solar companies in the state of Tennessee employ tens of thousands of people, driving economic growth. The valuable TN solar leads enable solar companies in Tennessee to connect with customers who have expressed an interest in going solar. Homeowners who are actively looking for solar power solutions are the target audience for these leads, which are frequently generated by means of online platforms. Solar companies in Tennessee can improve conversion rates, focus on qualified prospects, and streamline their marketing strategies by using solar leads.

Solar companies have numerous opportunities in Tennessee’s solar leads.  Many companies are getting aged solar leads to fuel their outbound call centers.  Are aged solar leads worth it? TN solar companies can target individuals who have already demonstrated an interest in home solar power with the assistance of these leads, thereby increasing the likelihood of successful conversions. Tennessee solar companies can save time, energy, and money that would have been spent on reaching a larger audience by connecting with potential customers who are actively looking for solar solutions.

Tennessee’s renewable energy prospects are more promising than ever. The state’s obligation to clean energy and the growing interest in solar power are preparing for further developments. Through a variety of different programs and initiatives, the state has made significant progress in promoting solar energy. The Green Invest program, which allows large businesses and industries to purchase solar power directly from new installations, was initiated by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). In addition to encouraging the use of renewable energy, this program also attracts investments and job opportunities from the solar industry.

Additionally, the Tennessee Solar Energy Industries Association (TenneSEIA) aids in the expansion of the solar market and promotes favorable solar policy. Solar power companies in Tennessee now have a single voice and a platform from which they can discuss regulatory issues and emphasize the advantages of solar power.

Solar leads are essential to the success of solar companies in Tennessee because they enable them to maximize their marketing efforts and target qualified prospects. Solar companies can increase conversion rates, streamline customer acquisition procedures, and ultimately contribute to the development of the solar industry in Tennessee by making use of these leads. Tennessee continues to be a beacon of hope for a future that is cleaner and more sustainable, and the Volunteer State’s solar power potential is virtually limitless.

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