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How Much Do Solar Leads Sell For?

by | Jul 21, 2023 | Solar Leads

In the ever-expanding world of solar energy, generating high-quality leads is a crucial step for solar companies looking to grow their business. But how much do solar leads cost? In this article, we will delve into the various types of solar leads and explore their pricing range, providing valuable insights for solar companies aiming to optimize their marketing strategies. So, grab your favorite beverage and prepare to uncover the mysteries of solar leads!

Pre-set Exclusive Solar Appointments – $200 to $300:

One of the most valuable types of solar leads is the pre-set exclusive solar appointment. These appointments are typically scheduled by professional telemarketers who have pre-qualified potential customers and set up appointments with them. The price range for these exclusive appointments usually falls between $200 and $300. Investing in pre-set exclusive solar appointments ensures that your sales team is engaging with highly interested individuals who have already shown a genuine interest in solar energy.

Solar Web Leads (Exclusive & Shared) – $5 to $75:

Another popular category of solar leads is solar web leads. These leads are generated through online platforms, where potential customers express their interest in solar energy by filling out forms or requesting more information. Solar web leads can be further classified into exclusive and shared leads. As home solar panel adoption continues to rise in the U.S. many companies are turning to solar web leads also know as aged solar leads.

Exclusive solar web leads are sold to only one solar company, ensuring that you have sole access to the lead’s information. The price range for exclusive solar web leads typically varies from $12 to $75. These leads offer a higher chance of conversion since you are not competing with other solar companies for the customer’s attention.

On the other hand, shared solar web leads are sold to multiple solar companies simultaneously. Due to the increased competition, shared leads are generally priced lower, ranging from $12 to $75. While shared leads may require more effort to convert, they can still be one of the most valuable sources of potential customers in your data arsenal, especially when the data is managed effectively because residential solar is a timing sale.

Warm Transfer Exclusive Leads – $75 to $150:

Warm transfer solar leads are generated through call centers, where a potential customer expresses interest in solar energy during a phone conversation. These leads are then transferred directly to your sales team for immediate follow-up. The price range for warm transfer exclusive leads typically falls between $75 and $150.

Roofing Web Leads – $65 to $100:

In addition to the above solar leads, there are roofing web leads, which specifically target individuals who have shown interest in both solar energy and roofing services. These leads can be an excellent target for solar companies offering solar roof installation services. Roofing web leads are priced slightly higher, ranging from $65 to $100. By focusing on this niche market, solar companies can effectively reach customers who are already inclined towards environmentally friendly solutions and have roofing needs.

It is important to note that many web leads, including solar and roofing leads, can be sold and resold multiple times. Some marketing companies sell the same lead to multiple solar companies, resulting in increased competition and potentially lower conversion rates. However, by working with a specialized marketing company like Invention Solar, you can ensure that the leads you receive are generated in-house. This means that Invention Solar controls how many times the data is sold, maximizing the value and potential output of the solar leads you acquire.

To wrap it up, the cost of solar leads varies depending on the type and exclusivity. As your solar marketing begins to expand in the organization you will begin to understand that you need a multi-channel media strategy to grow and scale.

Invention Solar is made up of seasoned executives who have been on the residential solar space for more than a decade.  Solar can be a great investment for homeowners across the U.S.  The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) conducts an ongoing Quarterly Solar Industry Update, the data is very insightful and can help solar companies plan and strategize for the short and long term.  Successful solar companies know how to manage costs and remain profitable.  The fact of the matter is that it is very expensive to operate a profitable solar company, every dollar counts.  The front-end marketing and lead generation is half the battle, and your company needs to take it very seriously.

The If you’re a solar company looking to assess the demand for solar energy in your area, it’s crucial to take the next steps and explore the potential market.

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