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SC Solar Leads the Nation with Great Sun Exposure, White Sandy Beaches, Rich Culture, and a Great New Standard

by | Mar 21, 2023 | Solar Leads

Recently, South Carolina Solar leads as a renewable energy authority in the residential solar industry. Although solar energy in the state has only been around for a short time, it has come a long way since Duke Energy launched a pilot program in 2015 that offered rebates to homeowners who installed solar panels. The expansion of the state’s solar industry was sped up by this program.

One of the most significant aspects of South Carolina’s commitment to renewable energy is the Renewable Portfolio Standard. Since 2021, the standard requires 20 percent of the state’s electricity to come from renewable sources, encouraging the growth of renewable energy, particularly solar power. Most local and state governments in South Carolina are in favor of solar development and provide incentives to homeowners who put in solar panels. For instance, up to $3,500 in solar panel installation, the state provides a 25% tax credit. Net metering is a service provided by a lot of utilities that enables solar panel owners to sell their excess energy back to the grid.

As more people choose to put solar panels in their homes, the solar industry in South Carolina has grown significantly in recent years. With over 400 megawatts installed, South Carolina ranked 21st in the nation for solar capacity in 2020. Additionally, the Solar Energy Industries Association for SC (SEIA) predicts that South Carolina solar with enable the state to create more than 2,000 new solar industry jobs by 2024.

The expansion in home sun based organizations in South Carolina has assisted with filling this development, with many organizations presently offering establishment administrations to property holders across the state. Not only are these businesses creating new jobs, but they are also contributing to making solar energy more affordable and accessible to residents of South Carolina.

The growth of the solar industry in South Carolina has not been without its difficulties. The absence of a statewide net metering policy has been one of the most significant obstacles. Net metering programs are currently offered by individual utilities, and the policies and rates of these programs can vary significantly. A statewide net metering strategy would give more consistency and conviction to mortgage holders with sunlight based chargers.

South Carolina has arisen as a forerunner in the private sunlight based industry, driven by the state’s Sustainable Portfolio Standard, steady government strategies, and the development of home sun oriented organizations. Invention Solar has a bright future, despite the fact that there are still obstacles to overcome. As property holders select sunlight based chargers and the business keeps on developing, South Carolina will without a doubt solidify its situation as a forerunner in sustainable power.

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