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10 Tips on Generating Solar Leads in Texas

by | Jun 11, 2022 | Solar Leads

Texas is second in the nation regarding solar energy, and now is the time to capitalize on the growing solar business in the Lonestar State. You must know how to tap into potential solar customers using the best solar leads in Texas.

There are many ways to find leads in Texas, including advertising on social media and buying leads. You can also implement a cold-calling strategy to get residential and commercial solar leads. Mastering these approaches can boost your business and grow your solar company.

Here’s how to get the ten best solar leads in Texas.

1. Social Media

recent survey found that seven in ten use social media, which presents a great way to find leads in Texas. Advertising on social media is inexpensive and has a broad reach.

Social media allows you to target your audience precisely, especially when accessing demographic information. You can also link your website or contact information to increase commercial and residential solar leads.

2. Buying Leads

Purchasing lists of potential customers can give you great residential solar leads. Your solar business will get a list of people already interested in taking advantage of solar energy.

Buying high-quality leads saves you time and money. Instead of searching for the best people to call for a possible sales lead with solar energy, you’ll get a complete list ready to go. Moreover, in many cases, it’s more affordable than placing ads.

You’ll also quickly know your return on the investment of your residential solar leads.

3. Cold Calling

Cold calling can work when generating solar leads in Texas, but you first must do your research to find out who and when to call.

Knowing all of your facts is essential when calling people about solar energy. Prepare your speech. Assume the people you are contacting don’t know anything about solar energy, its benefits, and how it can help them reduce their carbon footprint.

Moreover, be conversational, be human, and don’t lecture anyone on the phone. Using a folksy type of delivery will give you an edge!

4. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, uses highly-ranked words and phrases in blog content on your website. When people type in those words, your website will pop up at the top of those search engine results; potential solar customers then visit your website in an organic lead.

People using keywords and phrases when searching are looking for information about a particular product. For example, when they search ‘solar panels in Texas,’ your website will likely be at the top of the list.

These types of organic leads can help you increase sales because you’re product is selling itself.

5. Information Qualified Leads

Perhaps someone at a county fair or trade show filled out some information asking about solar panels, which means they want to know more about your product.

Potential customers such as this are essentially looking for a sales pitch. It’s now up to you to provide them with the best information!

These types of residential solar leads have a better chance of becoming customers. Be sure you tailor your solar energy information to their specific needs.

6. Marketing Qualified Leads

People in the marketing qualified leads category already took it a step further than people in the information qualified leads group. These interested buyers attended a webinar or even previously interacted with someone from your company.

Since this group has more than a ‘mild interest’ in solar energy, it’s time to put on the full-court press. Give them your best sales pitch!

7. Referrals

Good customers and clients can often lead you to your next sale.

When a customer refers a friend or relative to you, you’ve already made a good impression. The previous customer is familiar with your solar energy product and likely ‘talked it up’ their friend.

Your customer has already done most of the work for you!

8. Hot Leads

A person considered a hot lead is ready to purchase a solar energy system for their home or business. These customers already did their homework and know the benefits of solar systems; they are looking to make a purchase.

However, they made need a bit of a push. Perhaps they aren’t sold on just everything your solar company has to offer, so it’s your job to bridge the gap.

Can you add an extra incentive to sweeten the deal? Is there a previous customer who can act on your behalf to make the sale? Can these previous customers talk about the benefits of a solar system?

9. Talk to Existing Clients

When you’re in the solar energy business, you have many satisfied customers. Visit with people who are already happy with their solar panel system and find out if there additional customers who may want to find out more.

Offer to meet with a group of homeowners at a local fire hall or social club. You can give a quick demonstration of the benefits of solar panels.

Many people may not know the money they can make with net metering. Showing people how much money they can save while benefitting the environment can be a great sales pitch.

10. Write Press Releases

Capitalize on newsworthy energy stories by writing a news release and sending it to local print and broadcast outlets.

For example, write a press release about the high energy costs and pitch a news story about how solar energy can help. You can also pitch a story about how to save money through net metering or solar tax credits.

Top 10 Solar Leads in Texas

The top ten solar leads in Texas include social media, purchasing leads, cold calling, and search engine optimization. Be sure to use information and marketing to qualify leads, referrals, and so-called ‘hot leads.’ It’s also important to talk to previous clients and write a press release to gain local exposure.

Contact us today about generating the best leads using solar energy. We can help you put some sunshine into your business growth!