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The Secret to Finding Quality Solar Leads for Sale

by | Dec 29, 2021 | Solar Leads

There are many companies that claim to offer quality leads, but how do you decide which one to trust? Follow our guide to find the best solar leads for sale.

Have the sales of your solar business been dwindling? If yes, consider boosting the business sales through finding solar leads for sale.

The solar market in the US is exploding as homeowners prefer sustainable energy. As a result, solar power accounts for over 3% of US electricity, serving over 18 million homes today. The potential solar demand is staggering, and your business should maximize the opportunity.

Solar leads are a proven tool for solar marketers to bolster sales. However, not all solar leads are created equal, so you have to be selective about what you go for.

Many companies are offering solar leads for sale, so choosing can be overwhelming. You’ll need an option you can trust when selecting solar leads. Continue reading to learn the secret to finding quality solar leads for sale.

Why You Should Buy Solar Leads

Before we look at finding quality solar leads for sale, we should see why solar leads are vital.

You may be wondering, “Why should I buy solar leads?” If so, then, this section is for you. Here are some of the reasons why solar leads are vital for your business:

  • Buying solar leads saves you the time you’d spend driving traffic to your website
  • They boost profit margins by assisting you to gain more sales
  • Solar leads help you learn new strategies to implement within your business
  • By allowing you to interact directly with the customers, you’re able to build a strong base
  • Solar leads equip you with knowledge so that you can fine-tune your sales strategy
  • Solar leads help you stay ahead of the competition

Now that you know the benefits of solar leads, here’s how to find them;

Deliberate on Shared Vs. Exclusive Leads

Are you interested in sharing leads? The decision of shared vs. exclusive leads is a determiner when buying solar leads.

Your choice between shared and exclusive leads depends on your preference and situation.

Shared solar leads comprise multiple buyers and are vital for densely populated areas. These are competitive markets, with homeowners getting numerous quotes from various providers. However, the leads are cheaper but can be hard to convert to sales.

If you’re after high conversion rates, consider exclusive leads. These are tailored specifically for you, allowing you to narrow and specialize. Exclusive leads might be a great investment but require you to pay a pretty penny for them.

Check the Method of Lead Generation

The leads you get determine the sales potential you maintain. Checking the method of lead generation that your supplier uses is thus invaluable.

Many suppliers will cold call homeowners to try and sell them solar products. Once sold to you, such leads can turn out to be tire kickers, which aren’t good for your business. They thus don’t improve your situation since you have to try and convince the lot repeatedly.

Other suppliers actively attract interest from homeowners trying to get solar panels installed. These leads have a higher conversion rate for your business.

As you can imagine, the method of lead generation your supplier uses determines lead quality. You should actively investigate and seek more information on their lead generation process.

Implement Filters When Selecting Leads

What specific leads are you interested in? It’s advisable to implement filters when selecting the solar leads on sale.

There are millions of solar leads, but not all are suitable for you. It’s thus critical to apply a qualifying criterion when choosing. Filters for solar leads on sale mustn’t be an afterthought, or else you’ll end up with leads you can’t use.

The primary filter checks your customers to ensure your lead profile is unique. The various filters when choosing leads include;

• Target market location

• Customer’s income and expenditure levels

• The projects you have in store for your clients

• Business objectives

• Consider up-to-date solar leads for sale

Choosing a Reputable Lead Supplier

Who are you getting your solar leads from? Working with a reputable lead supplier is invaluable for quality solar leads.

There are hundreds of companies claiming to offer quality leads, but are they trustable? When choosing where to buy solar leads, ensure that your choice is reputable. Select them only once you ascertain their services are proven in the market.

Check their services to ensure they’re an excellent fit for your business. You want your interaction with the lead supplier to be long-term, so ensure they offer several services.

A reputable lead supplier is your surest bet to getting quality solar leads. You can thus develop your business with their help.
Conduct Ongoing Performance Reviews

How are you sure that the solar leads for sale will work for your business? The answer is in checking performance as an ongoing process.

Various metrics determine lead performance, including conversion and opportunity rates. You need leads that will work for you, so consider going for those that match your criteria.

It would help to look at performance reviews based on the contact and conversion rates. If solar leads have a contact rate of less than 30%, it can be a warning sign in sales. You wouldn’t want your sales team making numerous calls with a low conversion to sales, would you?

Be strategic with the performance reviews and ensure you check the entire sales process. Conduct the reviews monthly to find loops that need improvement. Consider the data and lead flows as well to make sales better for your business.

You Now Know How to Find Quality Solar Leads for Sale

Finding quality solar leads for sale doesn’t always have to be challenging. You need to work with the best lead generator to help grow your business. Consider the above factors to find an option that you can trust.

Looking for a reputable solar leads supplier? Invention Solar is here to help!

We’re a seasoned solar lead generator and supplier focused on helping your company grow. We put our client’s interests first to help you find quality leads thus generate profits.

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