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Bright Opportunities for Residential Solar and Solar Leads in Missouri

by | May 1, 2023 | Solar Leads

MO Solar Leads

Missouri is an excellent place for solar power because it gets a lot of sunlight. According to the U.S. Energy Data Organization, Missouri is nineteenth for solar power potential. Solar power is becoming progressively popular among occupants in the state, with numerous MO homeowners deciding to introduce sunlight-powered chargers in their homes.

Solar marketing and lead generation companies are now providing business models like pay per sale solar leads.  We see it working in the market, and sales organizations are capitalizing by trading dollars for business in some cases.  Trust between the sales organization and the installation partners seems to be the secret sauce here.

According to the Energy Information Administration Missouri uses nearly eight times more energy than it produces. The state ranks sixth in the nation in per capita energy consumption in the residential sector.

The expansion of residential solar is a huge opportunity for solar companies. Utilizing Missouri solar leads can assist solar companies in securing appointments with homeowners who are more qualified for their work.

Incentives for Solar Power in Missouri Homeowners in Missouri can install solar power systems easily and for less money, thanks to various incentives. Among these incentives are the following:

Credit for federal taxes: A federal tax credit of 30% of the cost of a solar power system is available to homeowners.

Tax Credit for States: Missouri provides a state tax credit of up to $1,500 for homeowners who install solar power systems in addition to the federal tax credit.

Metering by the net: Missouri likewise has a net metering strategy, which permits mortgage holders to get credits on their service bills for the overabundance of energy their sun-based power frameworks create. This assists with balancing the expense of their energy bills and makes sunlight-based power significantly more reasonable.

Exemption from Property Taxes: The added value of a solar power system is also exempt from property tax assessments in Missouri. As a result, homeowners will not be required to pay an additional tax on their property based on the value of their solar power system; more detailed information can be found on the Missouri Department of Natural Resources website.

Missouri Solar Leads assists residential solar organizations in the state in getting more qualified meetings with property holders. Marketing firms generate these leads by providing details about homeowners who have expressed an interest in solar power. Contact information, energy usage data, and other pertinent information can be included in the leads to help solar companies tailor their marketing strategies and connect with interested homeowners.

Solar companies looking to increase their customer base in Missouri now rely heavily on solar leads. They make it easier for businesses to reach potential customers at a lower cost and boost their chances of turning leads into sales. Solar companies can concentrate on developing relationships with interested homeowners and providing them with the information they require to make educated decisions regarding installing solar power systems with the assistance of Missouri solar leads.

If you are an EPC, channel sales, or MO solar sales leads professional, please contact an Invention Solar marketing specialist to learn about our MO solar lead programs.  We’ve helped hundreds of solar companies across the US reach their CPA (cost per acquisition) goals by having them use the right MO solar lead data, the correct telephony call center systems, and the right pitch and rapport building.

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