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Idaho Solar Leads and the Future of the Gem State

by | Nov 8, 2023 | Solar Leads

Idaho Solar Leads

When most Americans think of Idaho, they think of potatoes. Still, Idaho, known as the “Gem” state, is known for its landscapes, natural resources, and a focus on renewable energy sources, including solar power. In recent years, Idaho has made progress in meeting its energy needs, making it worth exploring residential solar power. Idaho’s solar energy landscape, its historical background, incentives, and the statistical outlook for solar power in the Gem State.

Idaho has a history in the development of its energy. Historically known for its vast hydropower reserves, the Gem State’s energy landscape began with a growing emphasis on cleaner and more sustainable power sources.

One of the driving factors behind Idaho is its incentives and policies designed to encourage solar adoption. As part of the federal government’s commitment to renewable energy, the ITC provides a tax credit for solar installations, covering 30% of the total EPC installation cost. Homeowners that get a new roof at the time of solar also qualify for the 30% ITC against their new roof. This federal incentive has been an influential component in promoting solar adoption in Idaho and across the United States.

Idaho Power is a significant utility company serving the Gem State; the utility offers incentive programs to encourage residential and commercial solar. These solar incentives aim to make solar installations financially achievable for customers. The Great Horizon Idaho state is a gem in the rough.

Idaho has a good and robust net metering policy, allowing solar system owners to push excess electricity back into the grid. Electricity is stored like a bank of credits, and customers receive credit on their energy bills for unused electricity. This encourages homeowners and businesses to invest in solar panels and the financial benefits that go along with it.

Idaho solar leads are helping the state adopt solar at a faster rate.  Companies like Invention Solar are educating solar companies in Idaho and teaching them how to market successfully to generate more solar leads and appointments.

According to SEIA.org, Idaho ranks 28th for home solar power out of all US states. Idaho saw 106,928 homes installed with solar power in 2022, 5.04% of the state electricity used.  Idaho employed approximately 633 solar jobs in 2022.

State-level rebates and grants are available to help Idaho homeowners reduce their costs of home solar installations, making it even more attractive for homeowners and businesses to invest in solar power.

The growth of solar energy in Idaho is not only driven by financial incentives but also by the increasing environmental benefits of renewable energy sources. Solar energy reduces greenhouse emissions, gives Idaho homeowners energy independence, and contributes to a more sustainable future.

Idaho’s solar power looks brighter than ever. With a history of energy production and growing programs related to cleaner and more sustainable power sources, the Gem state is making great strides in harnessing the sun’s energy.

With a commitment to a cleaner and greener future, Idaho’s solar energy landscape is positioned to illuminate the path toward a more sustainable and energy-efficient Gem State. Idaho’s solar energy journey offers a great opportunity if you’re a homeowner looking to reduce your electric bills or a business owner or executive interested in sustainable products and services.

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