As the industry grows and competition among solar energy businesses gains steam, offering industry-specific marketing services is the key to helping clients succeed, publishes

Little Falls, New Jersey – November 20, 2017 — Reports point to exponential growth in the solar energy sector over the last decade. System installation surged more than eight percent over the past year alone with this year’s first quarter reaching record-breaking proportions according to figures recently released by the Solar Energy Industries Association. As this movement continues its upward trend, competition among businesses in the solar sector is expected to gain steam.

In light of this development, a new company has been founded. Jim Alamia of solar marketing and consulting firm, Invention Solar elaborated, “Earlier this year, as much of the nation flocked to areas in the path of North America’s total solar eclipse, those of us at Invention Solar were looking beyond the shadows. On August 21, our company was born, and we’re here to help solar companies ramp up their marketing campaigns, generate solar leads and overcome the swelling competition already taking the industry by storm.”

Current studies indicate the recent uptick in demand for solar energy is largely linked simple economics, it’s less expensive to go solar as well as an increased urgency placed on veering away from non-renewable energy sources. Greater efficiency and practicality in regard to solar power storage and related equipment are likewise believed to be fueling this trend.

Based on figures released earlier this year, only two percent of the nation’s homeowners are currently tapping into the potential of solar energy despite unprecedented progress in this sector of late. For businesses providing related services, this means considerable room for growth remains. While this is welcome news for companies falling into this category, it also places increased emphasis on marketing efforts for the years to come.

Analysts are predicting a wide range of industry-specific marketing elements to be deciding factors for companies in the solar energy sector going forward. Businesses’ capacity to generate residential solar leads is expected to revolve largely around their abilities to convey their deeper purposes in the industry, such as creating a greener world and educating consumers on leading more environmentally friendly lifestyles. This projection falls in line with Invention Solar’s approach to marketing.

Concluded Alamia, “At Invention Solar, we offer the full range of marketing services, from brand development and website design to SEO and providing clients the option to buy solar leads. Our services incorporate marketing tactics universal across all industries as well as those unique to the solar energy sector. With this all-inclusive approach, we help clients find success and increase their reach in what could be considered the most competitive field of them all.”

About Invention Solar:
Dedicated to helping clients solve their most difficult challenges and generate profits while building a cleaner world, Invention Solar is a solar marketing and consulting company made up of specialists in each branch of the field.