How COVID Presented an Opportunity For More Residential Solar Leads

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Have you ever wondered about the impact of the pandemic on power consumption?

It’s no secret that the pandemic had a significant impact on a lot of aspects of everyday life. People spent most of the year inside their houses, it changed up a lot of things, like consumer spending habits, and paved the way for the “new normal” in jobs and education. 

What about residential solar leads? How did the pandemic affect that? 

Believe it or not, COVID also paved the way for increased solar leads in households across the country. To know how this happened, continue reading what we have below.

See how the pandemic made households aware of the rising costs in utility bills and how it drove qualified solar leads up.

Increased Electricity Bills From Lockdown

As mentioned above, the majority of people remained in their homes during the pandemic. The lockdowns discouraged staying outside for long periods of time. It also discouraged gatherings of more than six people at the beginning.

As a result, everything happened inside the household. Jobs became remote and classes were all held online. People also spent more time inside their homes through the winter months, increasing their use of indoor heating.

This all meant that the average household consumed more electricity during the first months of lockdown. The alarm homeowners felt the first time they faced their bills during the lockdown made them interested in alternative energy sources.

Among the first states to consider solar energy was Florida. The sunny climate allowed the solar leads Florida had to increase over a short period. Florida solar leads also increased because of the state’s population.

Over 73.4% of the state’s population are around 20 years old and above. The younger generation often the ones who embrace alternative and greener ways of living. Hence, more people looked for exclusive solar leads to begin the change. 

Utility Rates Are on the Rise

Aside from having larger bills from increased electrical consumption, utility rates are also on the rise. This is because of the “demand charges” that increase from extended use within a facility.

It causes the rest of the electricity bill to increase based on the facility’s highest point. This will hit the northeastern areas of the country the hardest.

The states there have been trending as of late. They’re shaping up to be the area with the highest electricity rates in the country. Since energy demands also grew by 22% since the pandemic started, a hefty bill is expected in these areas. 

This is why the solar leads New Jersey has have increased recently. More consumers are looking to avoid larger bills with renewable alternatives. 

Closure of Major Energy Distributions Centers

Another reason residential solar leads improved during the pandemic was because of closures. This mainly concerns major energy distribution centers, like Indian Point.

While the closure got announced long before in 2017, it still presented opportunities for increasing New York solar leads. This is because Indian point was a major center in New York. Its closure meant a lot of commercial and residential buildings had to look for an alternative energy source. 

The months before its closure had a lot of people looking into using solar energy. Vendors who had the insight to buy solar leads beforehand thrived during this period.

Federal and State Incentives

Another major reason for the rise of solar power is the energy tax credit. Often referred to as the ITC, it allows a commercial or residential building to deduct a certain amount from their taxes. This is 26% of the installation costs of the solar energy system.

Since installation costs vary depending on the state, the benefits will be even more beneficial depending on the customer. For example, installations in New Jersey can cost anywhere from $12,000 to $16,000. This means locals can expect up to $4,160 worth of deductions in their taxes.

New Jersey solar leads will also increase in the remainder of the year. This is because the ITC will have diminishing returns in the future. Getting into solar energy now means more savings thanks to the federal incentive. 

Different states also offer incentives to anyone who installs solar panels on their property. This is independent of the ITC tax, which means more reason for anyone to switch to solar energy. 

Adoption of Online Sales Tactics

Online sales tactics also presented a great opportunity in improving solar leads. With the pandemic also came the use of communication tools like Zoom and Google Meet. Not only classes and offices adopted these for communication, but vendors also did to improve solar leads.

These tools presented the means for energy marketing to be effective. Zoom allows a sales rep to see how well they do with the clients they have. The recording function offers them insight into what they could do better to seal a deal.

Operating remotely also helps in reaching potential buyers. Being online for the majority of the day allows vendors to accommodate anyone at any time. It allows them to engage with customers at a time they’re most comfortable with, increasing the likelihood of generating aged solar leads in the long run. 

Solar Industry Growing By the Minute

The main reason for the rise of solar leads is the growth of the industry itself. More human capital goes into the industry nowadays because of the growing interest in greener living. 

This growth will allow for certain benefits for both consumers and vendors alike. For one, vendors can enjoy getting free solar leads thanks to the increase of solar keywords in search engines. All they need is a foolproof SEO plan to reap these benefits in the future.

For consumers, they’ll enjoy variety as the industry grows. With this pace, you’ll see the energy marketing scene transform into a competitive landscape. Exclusive solar appointments are to follow soon enough should all go well for the industry.

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Residential solar leads are on the rise, and rightfully so considering the benefits a household could reap from solar generation. Get with the trend and be a part of solar lead generation today. Give yourself the best chance of making a profit and get started now!

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